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PowerEdge VRTX Compatibility

When using Sandisk IOMemory SX300 or SX350 cards in the PowerEdge VRTX converged platform the system fan speed offset MUST be manually set to Medium to insure optimal performance. Please refer to your system documentation for instruction on how to set fan speeds.

ioMemory Compatibility 

SanDisk (Fusion-io) ioDrive2 and ioMemory SX300 PCIe cards can not be installed in the same Dell server because they require unique VSL driver versions.  For additional technical information please refer to the Dell 13G & 12G PowerEdge Server Slot Support Matrix on dell.fusionio.com or contact Dell support at dell.com/support for compatibility questions.  

KB950 - Fusion-io Trim Service

When running ioMemory VSL 3.x software in certain configurations on Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 R1, it is possible that the Fusion-io TRIM Service could cause a file system corruption to occur.

This corruption could occur on ioMemory VSL 3.x with the Fusion-io TRIM Service when the NTFS cluster size is NOT the same size as the ioMemory device sector size.

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